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About us

Our company was founded in 2015, in a market segment "swimwear and lingerie" in which there are thousands of suppliers worldwide.

In this market segment we have we have specialized us.

All of our styles are in-house developments by our designers and not copies from other suppliers.

A style is only offered if the fit is perfect from size XS to XXL.

There is a lot of work behind this, since each pattern has to be in six copies.

Regarding the materials used.

For example the rubber.

Almost all manufacturers use plastic woven rubber.

Our manufactory only uses natural rubber from the rubber tree in Indonesia.

This guarantees long-term elasticity, is resistant to oils of all kinds, salt water, chlorine and UV rays.

However, the price of these natural rubbers is many times that of woven artificial rubber.

The situation is similar with the other materials used.

The threads come from one of the best manufacturers in the world.

Stretch vinyl is available very cheaply, but after wearing it twice it is no longer fun.

The material we use is many times more expensive.

Saltwater, Oil and UV Resistant.


All of our products are handmade and not mass produced.

We are able to manufacture elastic stretch vinyl ribbons.

Relatively speaking, our "Dream-Luxury" brand products are far too cheap.

We sell worldwide and we have so many customers (constantly growing) right on the special bathing beaches.

There are countless boutiques in these places.


Apart from our products, we try to provide optimal customer service.

If a customer is not satisfied, the item will be exchanged or the purchase price refunded.


Our ratings speak for themselves.


Your Dream Luxury team